The Year of You

Watching my children grow has changed my perspective tremendously.  I make mindful choices about what goes into their developing bodies. But…one day,  I paused and questioned if I was minding the same attention to my own health and wellness.

I looked in the mirror, and said, “enough is enough.” I have not looked back since I ventured on this health journey. It first began with changing the way I ate, the amount, and the type of food. I noticed that my clothes were fitting better, but my body was also moving and feeling differently. With that, my mind was evolving too.  I noticed that I was becoming a more positive, happier, version of myself.

After a few months of making the hardest changes in my own diet, I decided it was time to incorporate fitness. And that I did. We bought a bike, which I have grown addicted to, I signed up for a 5K, and I have made sure to take extra steps during my daily routine.

There are many things that I have discovered are simply out of my control. What I envisioned for my life did not exactly pan out the way I had planned. From the moment my daughter was born, I quickly learned that life throws you curve balls that you cannot always catch, no matter how hard you may try.

I did this for me. I needed to feel better and gain control in one aspect of my life. What I have realized is that it is feasible to work with the things that you can control.

I turned 35 this year. My eyes were open and focused on what was in front of me. I did this for me, yes, but I did this for the grander picture. I did this for my family.

Hailey is getting heavier and as you know, she is not independently mobile. I know one day she will be, but right now, she is reliant on her parents to help her get around.

I need to be there for her in so many different capacities; her emotional support, her advocate, her caretaker, but simply put, I have to be able to physically lift her and help manipulate her body or different devices that she will accrue throughout her childhood.

What I have learned and will continue to share is the importance of one’s well-being and taking time to focus on fostering our physical and emotional health. 

So many people ask me how I remain positive (most days) when there are so many things to worry about and the unknown dangling over us like a bomb waiting to explode. The truth is, I CHOOSE positivity. I channel my anger, sadness, fears, worries, or whatever it may be through my newly discovered love of fitness and my always present love of writing.

Most of the time, we focus on the negative, the struggles, the hardships, and our fears. But let’s channel our energy differently. Take the time for you. Take control over what you can. And lastly, relinquish the idea that not everything is in your control, and that is something that we can control- the idea that we cannot manipulate the unknown, but work with we do.

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  1. Another great read! Beautifully put and it’s all about MamaBear! Love it & love you!

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