lightening strike

You know the saying, “lightning never strikes in one place twice?” I thought about that as my family faced another medical anomaly head on, this time with another member of our family.

I googled that scientific statement, because, I for sure thought that there was no way my family would be hit, yet again, with more medical questions, awaiting and needing answers.

But, low and behold, when I searched up the patterns of lightning, I read that lightning can, and often does, strike the same place repeatedly, especially if it’s a tall and isolated object.

It then got me to thinking that there is this storm cloud that seems to be looming over our family, this darkness that envelops our every part of our being.

It is ironic, because the minute I really started feeling like I had a handle on rare disease and advocacy, a lightning bolt struck down, and took me down with it.

As a medical mom to one child, I certainly didn’t think I would be going down that road again.

But some medical mysteries have arisen, and we are investigating it as a family. Thankfully nothing life threatening, but something that has been all encompassing in my thoughts the last few days.

When my husband had tears in his eyes and said to me I think we are good people, I am not sure why this stuff keeps happening to us…that sealed the envelop for me.

How much more could we take?

So many thoughts were circumventing around in my already full brain. Why us? Why our family? It brought me back to the days when I was dominated by my own research, speculations, and fear.

I remember, before children, I was always concerned with my own health. Any spot or ache I worried about. But now, what I would give to take on all of their ailments, all of their struggles, instead of them, just so they wouldn’t have any.

I know, once the dust settles, the sky will open up, and the sun will shine down again.Lightning seems to be a powerful force that strikes, but there is nothing stronger than the fight of a mom who wants the best for her babies.

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