Hey all! I am Michelle – just your average Mama trying to make the world a better place by sharing stories about my experiences as a mother of two children: one who is “neurotypical” and one who is “neurodiverse.”

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Mother’s Day Gift

I am blessed with the gift of motherhood. I know that there are mothers all over the world who have their own meaning of what this day means and that is not lost on me.

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The Year of You

Watching my children grow has changed my perspective tremendously.  I make mindful choices about what goes into their developing bodies. But…one day,  I paused and

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Nothing dramatic happened, nothing crazy; just some rain, some shoes, and a mother and daughter spending time together.

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Chana Ariella

These names aren’t just names, but they are true representations of their inner souls.

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The stages of grief truly waver. The denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance wait in line, to take their turn.

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